RenRen began his journey to the south Florida as a young adult and studied Organic Chemistry in the graduate program of the University of Miami. He was hired as a biochemist before he completed his master’s thesis.  After a long career working in corporate positions Ren desired to start his own business. He was beginning to feel the years in his body and remembered a practice his father had introduced him to as a child, Tai Chi. He knew if he could heal himself he could focus on his goal of starting his own business.

Ren went home to China and studied for 6 years under Shi-Fu, Wu Ji Zhi, martial arts Champion of Hang Zhou. Shi-Fu is the term used in Chinese which literally means “teacher, father”. The use of the word master is an Americanized and incorrect version of the title. During his time in China he not only started to feel better practicing Tai Chi, he also developed a passion for it.

This was to become the foundation of his new business.

Ren returns to China every year to continue his studies under his Shi-Fu, Wu Ji Zhi.

After starting with Tai Chi, Ren decided to incorporate other traditional healing techniques into his practice. He went back to school and obtained his professional license in massage in 2013. Ren is formally trained in Tui Na in China which is traditional Chinese healing massage. He is also skilled in other techniques such as Swedish massage, trigger point, reflexology, and cupping which he incorporates in his treatments.

Ren is different from other practitioners of healing arts in that he will assess your personal health issues and start a plan to assist your body in healing itself. He explains to his clients what he is trying to achieve with a particular technique and how the technique works. By doing this his clients understand his methods and are encouraged to take an active role in their own health.

Start your journey today with an experienced leader that will listen and guide you on your way to becoming healthy and pain-free!